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ummm. first call resolutions? my trainer never told me about those.

Last night at the end of my shift, I get a call from a woman who is not moving any data. Can't ping out or do any sort of tracert. She was instructed by another tech that she had spoken with four times prior to contact Dell (her OEM). His suggestion was that there was some sort of firewall in Norton Anti-Virus 2002 that was causing the issue. Which doesn't even have a firewall. So she calls Dell. They have her run ipconfig and tell her the reason she's not moving data is because her IP and default gateway are the same. But that was certainly not the issue. So I run some tests from the office. Connect to her pop as her and I duplicate her issue perfectly. So I checked her Authentication Profile and notice she subscribes to the family filter. Which means she needs to use a proxy in her browser. So we add that and she's pulling up Google. So I was so kind as to CC a copy of the trouble ticket to the prior tech. This guy is supposed to be some uber tech too. Next time, try using the First Call Resolutions.
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