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Just found this today, its a perfect place for me to vent about my job. I work for Microsoft Outlook tech support. Note I said Outlook, not MSN. I'd say roughly 50% of our calls are people who MSN told to call us to do something as simple as check the checkbox for "Logon using secure password authentication" in their account properties.

My main beef with MSN is that they seem to be actively trying to break their customers systems. Why else would they release a version of their software that upon installation silently converts the persons email account to a web-based HOTMAIL type account, which is incompatible with everything except Outlook Express and MSN explorer? When that happened every Outlook user was totally fucked.

More recently, they started requiring a name/PW and secure password authentication for SMTP servers (not to mention that they firewall port 25 outgoing, so MSN dialup users can ONLY use MSN SMTP servers). Because of this name/PW restriction, now their service is incompatible with Outlook 97, OE4, and basically every other email client. No linux clients, no beos clients, no other windows clients except OE5+ and Outlook98+ can send mail now.

We get surveys for customer satisfaction. Since these changes have taken place, OUR survey level has dropped about 20%, because when the independent survey company calls our customers to find out if they were satisfied with our (Outlook) tech support, they just say they're surveying for a Microsoft issue, and everyone thinks that we're MSN, and gives us crappy ratings.

Finally, here's something humorous that a MSN tech told one of my callers (while I was muted cause I was warm transferring the customer to MSN):
MSN Tech: The reason you can't check mail right now is that the Microsoft Outlook Express mail server is down.

So MSN maintains a separate server for each client that is being used to access POP3 mail? :)
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