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work sucks.

ugh... killing people.

him: so, i can't get connected with vpn. i haven't been able to since 10:30 yesterday morning.
me: did anything change on the system?
him: no, it just stopped working.
me: are you using high speed or dial up?
him: high speed. (*which isn't technically supported*) but it worked fine until 10:30 am yesterday.
::after the vpn t/s checklist::
me: ok, the next step is to hook it up to the phone line, and try dialing into vpn.
him: but what would that do? nothing changed.
me: that would establish if the fault was the program, or if the fault was the isp.
him: but nothing changed.
me: yeah, but i don't have anything else to check. you're not getting through to our server with your computer, so we need to figure out what's causing it.
him: hm... ok. i'll try it and call back later.

he's going to call back later, and get me or charles, and we'll tell him the same thing. argh!

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