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A minor rant to start the day...

I've worked in tech support for a number of years, in the mindset that if I start with Level One/Helpdesk, I can easily go to desktop or client configuration or something like that. Right?

Wrong. WRONG. Oh so fucking wrong. If you display one iota of knowing anything about what you are doing, and you can talk to a customer without telling them to immediately do a rectal-cranial inversion, preferably with steel-toed boot assistance, you are never going to be allowed to go elsewhere. Ever. You're just too damned valuable where you are. And you'll always see coworkers who don't know shit be promoted over you. Sucks, don't it?

Desktop agents always tell me, "I could never do your job. How can you??!" I dunno. They drive me wacky, but I like working with people. I like the dynamic bit about the job. I like trying to figure out a bizarre problem. What I don't like is the politics, the being chained to my desk, and those idiot coworkers who just got promoted over me who treat us peons like we're in 3rd grade. Or the fact that there's no jobs elsewhere and any other non-computeresque job I'm qualified for would pay me $25,000 less than what I'm making now.

So how do you get out? Volunteer for projects. Anything that gets you noticed by an outside source or a different department. When within the project, you'll meet a lot of different people (usually) - some of those could be your future boss. Let your voice be heard, put the seed of possibility growing in their heads...and you may be able to get out.
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