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Wasting Time

There is nothing worse in this world than having someone call in for technical support when they're not in front of the computer.

Agent: I'm not in front of my computer right now, but your software isn't running financial responsibility.
Me: Are you getting an error message?
Agent: No, I just don't have any where to select to run it. Then its supposed to run the Clue/MVR too, and it doesn' t do that.
Me: The software should be doing both of those things. What happens when you click the "Order" button on the "Premium" tab.
Agent: Premium tab?
Me: Yes, you should have three tabs. What tab are you trying to order credit from?
Agent: Well, I used to be able to just put in the information and have it order credit. But, now its not ordering credit.
Me: But are you ordering it from the Premium?
Agent: I don't know why its not ordering credit. Can you tell me why its not ordering credit?
Me: Not without getting some more information about what's going on.
Agent: Well, I'm in Illinois now. Maybe I should call back when I'm in front of the computer?
Me: Yes, that would be best, so we could go through some things and find out what's wrong with it.

The agent then asked me 2 more questions that I referred to the software for. Finally he gave up and hung up on me. So, tell me, what made him think that I could tell him exactly what was going on with his system. It helps us out if they come prepared, you know?
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