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Even worse than the end users are the people I work with...

So, we get assigned "callbacks" where we call back the people who couldn't wait and left messages on the VM here. Sometimes, we call them that same day. More often is the next day or later. (Why they don't just wait on hold, I'll never know)

This callback was an installation call. He's getting an unhandled exception on the install. Oddly enough, this error is generated when the Install Shield program doesn't know what's going on, and therefore can't "handle" it. Usually, a previous install was cancelled out in the middle, and its not sure where to pick up. EVERYONE here knows this. EVERYONE knows how to work around it. We saw it a lot during the last round of updates because so many of EVERYONE did non-standard installs.

Yet, when I call this guy back, he said he called and talked to someone this morning, and they told him it was a Windows problem. Yes, that's right. An InstallShield error being generated by our program which everyone has seen before and knows how to work around is a Windows issue.

And, to top it off, whomever this agent spoke to didn't log the call. So, I don't know who to go beat with the phone cord for being an idiot, and worse than the end user/agent.
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