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Like So Many Deer I catch them In my Headlights.

I work in Data Business Support. I talk to commercial customers with (usually) Very Expensive accounts. I do not talk to Residential customers, if they wander into my queue by "mistake" I transfer them to the appropriate department. The part I love is this...

Me: Thank you for calling Cox Communications, this is Me how can I help you?
Them: Something something, internet broken, no email, something something
Me: Hmm, lights on your modem? Stuff, something, City are you in?
Them: Uhh, Springdale.
Me: Ok, and what is the name of your Company?
Them: Uhhhh, Cox Communications?
Me: No, I mean the name of your business.
Them: Uhhh, what now?
Me: Hold on just a sec.
Them: Oh, ummmm, ok.
Then I drop them in the abyss that is Data Residential Support!

Yea, thats happened like 6 times today. Even better is this one.

Me: *Greeting*
Them: I think I hit the wrong button.. But anyway..
Me: Thats Ok, hold on just a sec.
Them: No, wait, wha *click*
And to the abyss they go.

Its great. They think are so smooth. And I drop kick their asses to at least a 30 minute wait.
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